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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 3, 2013 1:00pm-2:59pm PST

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>>. >> jon: our next story falls under getting the last laugh.
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this is aimos shookman, he passed away when he was 84 years old, stockbroker and born in israel and he loved biking in central park. according to his paid obituary and loves everything from new york city except for the "new york times." it appeared in the "new york times." his son says his father did not believe the times provided honest and objective reporting. it shows him with the "washington post" and having a good chuckle. last week i was in washington, d.c. where i met a big fan of this program, michael hayden. if you are a fan of this program as well, you are in good company. he told me he watches news watch every week. thanks to judy, jim, cal
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>>. >> gregg: hello. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping news this hour reaction from washington today now that on forced spending cuts are in effect. both sides pointing fingers and potential government shutdown is looming. we are live with the latest. >> gregg: crews taking down a home after a massive sinkhole that killed a man in florida, now his family speaking out as authorities warn neighbors to stay away zwleeth health scare for queen elizabeth ii in england. >> gregg: we begin with fox news alert. authorities in florida wrapping up the first day of demolition
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of a home of a man who was, they are trying to determine how deep the hole may be and whether more homes are at risk. he was swallowed into the ground on thursday night when the floor of his bedroom suddenly crumbled beneath him. five others managed to escape unharmed after hearing the loud crash and then hearing jess frantic screams for help. his brother jumped in to save him but he had to pulled out by police. crews ended their efforts to recover the body after determining there was no sign of life. as precaution several nearby homes have already been evacuated. >> heather: and in the nation's capital, new fallout from the budget battle. after weeks, president obama signed the forward forced spending reductions.
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latest on the government spending slowdown looms lawmakers are making their voices heard on the failure to reach a deal. steve centanni is live in washington. what are republicans saying in the wake of that sequester? >> house speaker john boehner says he doesn't think anyone understands how the situation gets resolved. he blamed the president for kicking the can farther down the road saying we're running out of road to kick the can down and he says he doesn't seem to have a plan of his own. >> if he had a plan, why wouldn't senate democrats pass it? the house have acted twice over the last ten months to replace the sequester. president had his tax hikes on january 1st. if we're going to get rid of loopholes let's lower rates and make the tax code fair for all americans. >> mitch mcconnell downplayed the severity of the cuts calling
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them modest. >> heather: and how is the white house responding? >> the president wants the congress to work with him on a compromise. even polls show he suffered from crisis, dropping down to 49% and top advisors saying that republicans could begin to feel the effects of the budget cuts and solution may be found. >> our hope is as more republicans start to see their pain in their own districts, if they will choose bipartisan compromise over this position. that is why just yesterday the spot the phone calling both democrat and republican senators who he believes want to be part of a compromise. >> reporter: the president is pushing for what he calls a balanced approach which republicans say just means another tax hike. >> heather: steve centanni, thank you. >> gregg: new fallout after
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associated press reports show the department of homeland security released 2,000 illegal immigrants days before the automatic cuts went into effect. dominic is joining us live in los angeles. they opened the prison doors and as i understand it even more may walk out. >> reporter: you bet. i think the greatest surprise is department of homeland security plans to release another 3,000 immigrants on the back of 2,000 it has let go. associated press said it discovered the plans in internal documents. government is being slammed for allowing it to happen and wave of concern about the scare of illegal immigrants that continue to stream into the country. >> i can't believe they would run this up the ladder, up the chain before release something people i was told may have been high level criminal aliens who are non-deportedable. are so ban
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countries didn't want to take them back. >> in a statement, homeland security says it doesn't anticipate additional releases but added, quote, that could change based on the sqegs terrify. we don't yet know what the rate will be. priority is serious criminal offenders and others that pose a threat to public safety. it's embarrassing for the government. jay carney forced the blame on custom enforcement what is referred to as i.c.e. >> the agency released these low risk non-criminal detainees under less form of monitoring to make sure that they were within i.c.e.'s budget. priority for detention remains on other individuals that pose a significant threat to public safety. well no word from the white house on these increased numbers. about a thousand illegal immigrants have been let go in
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several states every week since mid-february. >> gregg: more to come. thanks very much. >> heather: fox news is taking a closer look at the budget battle in washington. tonight our own john roberts hosted a special fox reporting, show down on debt row. >> republican congressman david schweiker is telling his constituents is back in arizona saying he will hold firm. >> there will be five days to solve this or go over whatever sequestration kicks in. how do you see it unfolding? >> first miss take is saying solvent because if we can't do this tiny marginal reduction in spending by ultimately isn't even a reduction in spending, it's the reduction of growth of spending, god forbid what will
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happen after this. >> heather: don't miss it tonight at 8:00 eastern. >> gregg: moving on further on politics, governor mitt romney and his wife ann are giving their first in-depth interview since the presidential elections speaking exclusively to fox news anchor chris wallace, weighing in on the budget battle and life after the campaign. >> it wasn't until 9:00 clock on election night that mitt romney wasn't going to be moving into the white house. >> i think we were convinced we would win. we saw the polls were close but the energy and passion was with our voters. my heart said we were going to win. >> reporter: he believes incumbency and the popularity of obamacare propelled obama to reelection and lately over the battles of sequestration by campaigning instead of leading.
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>> i wish i were there. it kills me not to be there, not to be in the white house doing what needs to be done. president is the leader of the nation. he brings people together. does the deals, does the trades, knock the heads totaling, president leads. i don't see that kind of leadership. >> romneys have 20 grandkids and fill their days with charity work and family time. ann says the abrupt end to the campaign was difficult. >> i cried. when you pour that much of your life and passion into something, and you are disappointed by the outcome, it's sad and very hard. >> super storm sandy stopped romney's campaign in its tracks and impacted his aggressiveness on the campaign trail but he doesn't fault chris christie for praising president obama's response to the storm just days before the election. >> i'm not going to worry how chris was doing what he thought was best for the people of my
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state. i lost my election because of my campaign. >> reporter: he still has ideas how to help the g.o.p. in the future including trying to figure out at way to get the word out to minority voters that republican policies can make their lives better. >> gregg: peter doocy, thanks very much. coming up, we have an exciting and special three hour line-up beginning at 6:00 p.m. entire exclusive interview with mitt romney and his wife anchored by chris wallace followed by a fox report and john roberts special, fox news reporting showdown on debt row. you won't want to miss that one. >> heather: can you imagine 22 grandkids. that is a lot. >> gregg: just thinking about it. >> heather: that is a job in itself. >> gregg: that won't happen to me. >> britain queen elizabeth is
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hospitalized due to an apparent stomach infection. the 867-year-old is seek symptoms of gastroenteritis. she had to cancel a trip later this week. she also cancelled a visit to a welsh city. >> gregg: catholics are gathering for a mass at st. peter's square and marking the first sunday since pope benedict resigned. tomorrow the college of cardinals set to begin the official process of electing the new pope to lead the world's one billion roman catholics. amy kellogg is live in rome with that. >> reporter: apparently there is a group of mexican men keeping singer lens praying for the new pope. we ran into people at st. peter's square who was praying for the as yet unnamed pope.
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it was strange and sad to look at the window which he normally reads on sunday and see it sealed shut. now cardinal from washington said the pope, another reason the conclave will be short. this will be first conclave and both he and cardinal dolan have been listed as potential popes. however,. >> this person has to than an angelist. we are moving into new world. he has to be on fire in the spirit. that can be manifested in lots of different ways. so there probably are, i would think, a dozen people who would come immediately to mind as
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possible popes. >> reporter: i asked the cardinal if it was equally important for the next pope to deal with the kore infighting and sex issues in the church but he believes a good pope will be able to choose someone he can delegate all the real bureaucratic work and focus on the spiritual. >> gregg: is it your sense from talking to folks there, there may be looking for someone a bit younger this time around, a pope that would reign longer? >> there are two sort of thoughts on that one. one is, yes, when you hear people interviewed around the world, they say they would like to see a younger pope because it requires a lot of energy. you have to be a globetrotter and be on twitter to have the position but his resignation may
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set a precedent you could look at a pope or future pope as someone who may see it as a short term job and plans to step down before he gets too old. pool of candidates aren't too young but there are plenty of cardinals in their 50s so we could see a younger one this time. >> gregg: we could, indeed. thank you so much. >> heather: the superbowl of dog races preparing to get under way as iditerod kicks off to a start in ago rank, alaska. 66 times including man and his best friends, posing with fans. the weather is expected to be fine in alaska in case you were worried. what about the rest of the country.
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maria molina is live in the extreme weather center with more on that. >> hi, good to see you. that is right. things are looking okay in alaska, mid-30s during the afternoon hours but through the next several days. for us across sections of the u.s. doesn't looks like it. we have a brand-new storm system that is exiting the rockies and will be developing across sections of the north central. if you live in dakotas, minnesota, iowa, parts of wisconsin you will be dealing with snow not just today but tomorrow and into your tuesday. for today, as we head into monday, conditions are going to be relatively quiet. areas of heavier snow. storm system will grab moisture from the gulf of mexico and start to really dump significant snow out here. expect snow and wind to be an issue across north dakota, parts of minnesota and iowa.
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this will be something to watch. another storm will head eastbound and hit the mid-atlantic as we head into tuesday and wednesday. heads up if you are live live in d.c. another big story, temperatures across portions, florida, we've been seeing temperatures freezing tonight, tonight will be a cold night. we do have freeze warnings and watches in effect. by monday night, conditions much better. back into the 40s and orlando during nighttime hours, 40s over in savannah. over the next several days. north central the storm will be one to watch, over 6 inches possible across minnesota and iowa in the next several days. this will be something to watch and eventually the storm will impact sections of virginia and west virginia with possibly over six inches of snow, maybe a foot along the higher elevations as we go through tuesday and wednesday. keeping a close watch on this
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next storm system. >> bundle up. winter is not over yet. not letting go. >> gregg: 45 in miami. they don't even have sweaters in miami. what do they do. they hang out in the basement. >> heather: it gets better. it will be 40. that is still cold. >> gregg: an elderly woman living in a retirement home dives after a 911, they refuse to perform cpr. >> heather: and you can turn to the president obama's healthcare lay as several large companies threaten to stop providing healthcare coverage for employees' spouses. could you be at risk. >> and the ban against plastic grocery bags. is it leading to more cases of shoplifting. the reason why coming up. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take
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>>. >> gregg: have you heard about this? many large companies are now cutting their costs by dropping healthcare coverage for employees' spouses. these cases involve the other
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spouse being able to obtain coverage through their own employer but not necessarily. some companies may drop all spouses, even unemployed spouses once the new federal healthcare exchange is open in 2014. what could this mean for you and your family. joining us now is brenda buttner. great to see you. >> welcome back. >> i needed a vacation, for my health. >> oh, come on. >> gregg: we're talking about health. so draw the connection for us between obamacare on one hand and companies and employers kicking spouses off their coverage? >> two things, first of all, costs are going up under obamacare. there are various fees that are going into effect next year. right now for example every life every person who is covered by an employer, there is a fee of about a dollar, that is going the up to $56 next year.
1:24 pm
premiums are going up. all those are issues. then on the other hand, next year we're going to have the federal insurance exchanges. employers not feel so compelled to keep a spouse on their plan if there is another option. two sides to it. >> gregg: next year which health exchanges kick in, then you could really see a bunch of companies kicking spouses off. >> three years ago. this was basically did not exist unemployment it's increasingly happening and next year i think we'll see it. >> gregg: so spouses getting kicked off their health coverage and cbo came out with a report in their estimation, 7 million americans are going to lose their healthcare coverage because of obamacare which totally undercuts and belies the president's claim. >> yes, absolutely and doctor
1:25 pm
shortages and number of healthcare issues, but this one is very interesting. i think you and i were talking about why there is such heavy costs to insuring spouses. there issues. >> gregg: what are they? >> mainly, most covered spouses are women and women in general tend to use healthcare more and have more expensive healthcare issues. i know you tell me, but you don't care about your -- >> its male, match co-thing, i don't care about my health but my wife cares about hers. >> when you get a cold, you whine like a baby. >> full disclosure, we had to get that out there. >> was study of jet blue employees and covered spouses cost 50% more than the crew members. so it does tend to show through some surveys. >> gregg: now, i was looking at
1:26 pm
who is dropping spouses. school systems, universities, various manufacturers big and small and medium. and also private insurance agencies? >> the truth is it's pretty broad-based. it's among large employers. we know that small businesses have trouble covering spouses and adding on to big health care packages, but now it's the larger and even quote, unquote, huge companies that are getting rid of this. >> gregg: if they don't kick you off entirely as spouse, what they do is they make it prohibitively expensive. they jack up the premiums for the spouse? >> they jack up the premium and they don't reimburse as much there are a lot of ways to convince you that you shouldn't be on this insurance. when you are talking about some of she is surcharges, they don't sound like a lot, hundred dollars a month on average that the covered spouse gets charged,
1:27 pm
that is $1200 a year. that is a lot of money. >> gregg: the other thing is a human aspect of this. when you have one person in the family, a spouse is kicked off and they have to go elsewhere and it's more expensive and see a different set of providers. >> one spouse may be covered important some benefits. it really causes a huge rift. there is so much bureaucracy and red tape to add this on top. >> gregg: bottom line, one of the unintended consequences but predictable. >> you should start looking right now ifer covered a spouse on this issue. >> gregg: catch brenda every saturday morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern timer right here pockets to news channel. >> heather: this is very disturbing story. we're getting word of a tragic ending to the story that is coming out of bakersfield, california. an 87-year-old woman at a
1:28 pm
retirement home she died earlier this week after a nurse at the facility refused to perform cpr on the woman after she collapsed. a newly released 911 call reveals a tense conversation as the dispatcher pleads with the nurse to give cpr to the unconscious woman. take listen to part of the call. >> we need to get cpr, but it's not enough.
1:29 pm
>> heather: unbelievable. the home where the woman lived released a statement claiming that it is against its policy to perform cpr on anyone. >> gregg: health care facility. >> heather: it is shocking. >> gregg: that is dumb, stupid policy and a bad nurse. i don't think i'm going out on a limb. the blame game over forced spending cuts while a government shutdown is looming large. what will it take to get washington working together to end the budget battle? we'll debate it coming up next. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. the march 1st sequester deadline came and went with few signs of cooperation on capitol hill. now, they must pass a continuing resolution that would avert a government shutdown later this month. they expressed confidence that a shutdown will be avoided. >> in three weeks we have to agree how to finish the year. it creates an opportunity to sit down. the congressional and leaders to deal with sequestration with the remainder of this year. >> i believe we're going to be able to work out passing the continuing resolution later in march on a bipartisan basis through both the house and senate. >> heather: probably there, but will democrats and republicans and get this done? joining us now, brian donahue, a
1:35 pm
founder and partner of kraft digital and alexis gill johnson and director of american values instituted. thanks for joining us. sequestration is here. so what now? a big deadline three weeks away, either from the government or risk shutting it down. my question is, has anything happened over the past month that should give any average american any reason to think that things won't get worse before they get better, and any reason to believe that congress can agree on a funding measure by march 27th? >> i don't know if anything has happened in the last month. that is big question there. i do think we have a little bit of history and conversation around government shut downs to suggest that the white house and congress would be afraid of shutting down the government. that is really where the rubber meets the road in people's daily lives.
1:36 pm
trash and police office and we're talking about the extended police forces and things like that, teachers. while the sequester we won't sort out the real effects of that, but that won't take affect until the fall. we have time to figure that out. a government shutdown would be immediate. i think both sides are afraid of that. >> heather: so you think fear will inspire them to come to an agreement this time around. >> she mentioned time to figure it out there. >> isn't much time. the answer is simple we have to cut spending. there is absolute dysfunction in washington when it comes to spending and fiscal responsibility. this type of spending is unsustainable. we're concerned about the future of our children, the future of our nation. so we really need to consider exactly what we need to do here. according to the president, it
1:37 pm
is his way or the highway and that is not good leadership. we need to consider what cuts are necessary. sequestration is a start but not the right type of cuts. we need to manage good growth for our nation. >> heather: funny you should mention the highway. white house officials they said over the coming weeks the president will continue taking his message on the road highlighting people and places that he says will be hurt by the sequester. i want to take a look at the latest poll. when asked what is the best way for the president to solve the nation's problems, 59% say talk, talk with the republicans. so why does he seem to be doing the opposite? >> i think he has been trying to talk to republicans. i think the answer has been the same. you just heard brian echo their talking points. at the end of the day they are not going to consider anything that has to do with revenue increases. most economists will agree that
1:38 pm
austerity does not work. we have so many examples across the pond to tell us that, continuing to cut spending when people need to go back to work. that should be our real focus is simply really not a great strategy. the challenge around framing this just around the deficit, i love how brian talks about further of our churn. i am worried about the future of the parents of the children that we're so concerned with respect to the deficit. if we don't build a real economy around them, we'll never get out of this mess. >> heather: president obama has said that any sequester replacement bill which has been talked about must include the same amount of deficit reduction achieved through both tax increases and spending cuts. republicans, though, they oppose any tax increases especially so soon after congress just in january enacted more than $600
1:39 pm
billion in tax increases to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. where is the negotiation part on behalf of the president? >> that is exactly right. just in january we sun setted the bush tax cuts. there is more income to pay for president obama's spending. we have to have something from the other side where we have people coming together and both parties are agreeing that we have to come to a middle ground. it just seems the president wants to avoid that. the president just claimed yesterday he had private conversations with lawmakers. no one is entirely sure what his process has been about. the only thing he comes out and says he is not going to do anything unless we increase taxes. >> heather: we have to wrap it up there. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. deadline is three weeks away.
1:40 pm
>> gregg: a new developments in the massive nascar crash last weekend that sent one racer launching off the track and pieces of his car flying into the stands. now that terrible accident may end up in a court of law. do the injured fans have any grounds to sue. what about the ticket they bought with the fine print on the back? is it valid, enforceable? ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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>>. >> gregg: more than 30 fans injured in that horrific nascar crash are exploring their legal options. an attorney representing the group says he is hoping for a settlement based on fact that the safety fence failed to protect the victims but some say they face some pretty serious hurdles. kesha evans and robert shaw defense attorney and former prosecutor.
1:45 pm
robert, let me start with you, when you hold an event and you invited people to it and you sell tickets and making money on it the law imposes an affirmative duty to protect those patrons for any foreseeable catastrophes or events. that was foreseeable? >> absolutely. this has been happening since 1999 was the first incident this occurred. it happened at charlotte and indie events where tires are going over the fences, not through a fence. you have the writing on the back of the ticket we are not responsible for any debris. >> gregg: we'll get to that in a minute. but the duty to protect. here is the thing, there was a safety fence but people still got injured. isn't that proof the fence wasn't safe enough. it wasn't big enough or strong enough? >> i don't agree because just because an accident happens
1:46 pm
doesn't mean the parties breaches a duty to the fans or spectators. the fence was there. the whole car didn't go through. the fence did what it was supposed to do. >> gregg: but people were still injured, but lives were saved but they were still injured. >> there could be some contributory intelligence, when you. >> when you are sitting in your seat? >> accidents can occur like this. i believe the defendants in this case. >> gregg: you are invoking the old doctrine of assumption of risk? >> absolutely. it's on the back of the ticket. >> gregg: the law professors used to laugh at assumption of the risk. it's archaic. it doesn't apply these days. >> those tickets, no one reads it. we all know what is there but at the end of the day, when the fence is supposed to stop, cars, tires and debris from entering the stands, you know daytona ano
1:47 pm
settle this lawsuit. >> gregg: here is the ticket waiver. it's a standard form. the holder of this ticket expressly agrees that all employees, agents, directors, daytona are hereby released from high ni events including negligence. isn't that what we referred to in law school as a contract of adhesion. you have no ability to negotiate that. you are strong armed into that contract if it really is a contract. put it up on the contract. i dug it out. here it is. it's a standard form, favors one party. other party has no ability to negotiate. it's unbalanced and unfair and unenforceable. >> you know what, anyone that attends at these events, baseball games and hockey games, these could happen. nothing is one accident proof.
1:48 pm
we can say the fence wasn't high enough but they did fulfilled their duty to these fans by having the fence there in the first place. >> gregg: i like her baseball analogy. you can hit by a ball and nothing could protect a fan in the upper decks. >> but a ball is foreseeable, but an engine or there is plexiglass. >> gregg: people still get hit. >> but there was a hockey lawsuit where a girl was killed. there was no netting and ticket had the waiver and the nhl paid $1.2 million to the family. every time this happens.... >> if it gets in front of the jury, they put an expert on the witness stand. you know what they could have built a better fence that would have protected these people from injury. that is the case. >> then daytona will have an
1:49 pm
expert to say, the fence was there. they did what they were supposed to do. it wasn't daytona's fault. comparative intelligence will come into play to limit damages. >> it's going to be a subpoena for emails and for letters and board meetings. someone may have said 2009 we need to improve our fences and it didn't happen. >> gregg: we can agree they will settle this thing. you don't want this in front of a jury? >> right. >> gregg: good to see you both. >> heather: coming up, cities across the country are outlawing plastic shopping bags in an effort to go green but shop owners in seattle reporting a major problem. why they say it may be costing them big. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. a growing trend in cities across the country, banning plastic shopping bags with the good intentions of cutting down on waste and litter. austin, texas the latest to hop on board but unintended
1:54 pm
consequence, store owners in seattle say more people are shoplifting since their ban went into place. reuse be a cloth bags make it easy for thieves to hide the things they are stealing. ellen ratner is bureau chief for talk radio services and tammy bruce, both are fox news contributors. plastic or cloth, government interference or environmental necessity? tammy, go first. >> i think there are reasons for this and it has nothing to do with the environment. you are looking at washington, what was leon panetta flying back to california every weekend. you look at the flight time and the carbon dynamic involved with obama's flying to hawaii all the time and various vacations. what this really is about is conditioning people. you know and studies confirm this, more ridiculous a rule in
1:55 pm
government, the faster that people get conditioned into government interference in your lives. this is ridiculous to the point they are telling us we can carry our groceries in. clearly what new york is doing with the big sodas was no-brainer. but secondly it's a special tax. at least here in los angeles we're paying ten cents for every brown bag if we want to actually have a bag. there is no real acting as to where that money goes. we know that the city says it goes into helping fund the ordinance. people in every city this is happening needs to get an accounting of the money. in addition to the health issues we have had several dynamics where america has been told what it is they can drink like with prohibition or reversed or even in california the reversal of marijuana stores which also had crime. i think this is going to go by the wayside. >> heather: ellen, i wanted you
1:56 pm
to respond to all of that. i should point out, austin is the latest city to join the ban. san francisco was the first back in 2007. what about the cost to these retailers and consumers have to buy the cloth bags? >> first of all, when somebody comes to a grocery store with something in the bag the grocery store has a right to look inside. they can post a sign, we reserve the right to look in every bag. there is an issue does it contributed to landfill. landfill is about 1% a year but as republicans say, that landfill adds up. i agree with tammy, we do need to have a public accounting of what happens to that money just like when there was prohibition, all that tax was supposed to go to prevention and it didn't. there needs to be a public accounting. when you take a look at it. there are also reasons in terms of kids swallowing and animals,
1:57 pm
this makes a lot of sense. >> heather: there is also multiple research papers that have said that the negative repercussions that you mentioned to public health, although supporters or discounted those findings. one study released late last summer cited emergency room treatment data after the bag ban begin, there was spike in the number of e. coli cases and increase in deaths from illnesses. >> just like handwashing, they need to put the bags in the washing machine so they don't collected e. coli. we made a big campaign with hand warning and it worked. >> all of this tells when you government interferes with the details of our lives it's never good. in every single dynamic. they can't run their own lives in washington and they think they can tell us what we should do. americans should be tired of it.
1:58 pm
we should say no to it. this is the kind of thing that should be going as well. >> heather: by the way, austin says the plastic bags, they make up .6% of their litter. thank you for joining us. >> gregg: the ceo of yahoo banning her employees from working at home. why an internet company of all places is taking this dramatic step. one of the most wanted terrorists in the world reportedly killed in northern africa. how the mastermind of a bloody hostage situation at an algerian gas plant may have met his end. another major winter storm crossing the united states, where it is expected to hit, straight ahead. it begins with your skin. venus & olay -- gently exfoliates with 5 blades. plus olay moisture bars help renew goddess skin. only from venus & olay.
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2:02 pm
>> hello, welcome to brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >>gregg: topping the news this hour, automatic spending cuts kicking in. thousands of deattend illegal immigrants are let out. the impact of this latest action in washington hitting home in a big way. >> the horrifying story of jeb bush swallowed alive.
2:03 pm
>> queen elizabeth ii taken to the hospital with the latest on her condition from buckingham palace. >> but, first, authorities in florida wrapping up the first day of demolition at the home of a man swallowed by a massive sinkhole. officials say they trying to determine how deep the hole actually is and whether more homes are at risk. 37-year-old jess bush was swallowed into the ground on thursday when the floor of the bedroom crumbled. crews tried to take as much care as possible during the demolition process so the family could salvage at least some of their belongings. >> we understand it is just going to be totally knocked down. it is four walls. we have a lot of stuff we cherish in this house 39 or 40 years and we have that now. we have each other.
2:04 pm
that is all that matters. >> yesterday, crews ended the effort to recover bush's body after determining that this was no sign of life. as a precaution several homes near have been evacuated. >>gregg: fallout from the budget chopping block, president obama signing an executive order over forced spending cuts when negotiations on both sides broke down. speaker boehner said the president and senate democrats never put forth a serious proposal. >> if he had a plan why wouldn't senate democrats pass it in the house has acted twice the last ten months to replace the sequester. if we are -- the president had tax hikes january 1. if we get rid of lower loopholes, make the tax code fair for all. >> there is new controversy that
2:05 pm
the department of homeland security released two thousand illegal immigrants and blamed it on all budget restraints. now live from our los angeles bureau. dominic, as i understand it, there is the possibility that thousands more could be released? >> absolutely. 2,000 have been release the and a possible 3,000 more to be set free according to the socialed press. the plan was uncovered in internal government documents but homeland security is quick do say it is not locked in. in a statement to the media, they said the follow: that could change based on sequester. we do not yet know what the cut-rate will be. priorities for detection are on serious criminal offenders but other individuals and those who pose a significant threat. so far, arizona, california, georgia, and texas could extend
2:06 pm
to more. >>gregg: what are republicans saying about this? >>reporter: they slammed the obama administration for sequestering and allowing illegal imgrants do go free even if they are the less risk among those detained. >> i cannot believe they would not run this up the ladder, up the chain, before releasing some who, i was told, may have been high level criminal aliens who are not deportable, meaning they are so bad their own countries did not want to take them back. >>reporter: a reason so much of the feared backlash is the white house knew they would be released, it would be a few hundred, but now, it could be 5,000, it does not matter that they report regularly to the authorities the number is considered to be too high and a hazard to public safety. >>gregg: thank you from los
2:07 pm
angeles, dominic. >>heather: former republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, and his wife giving the first interview since the 2012 presidential election speaking to fox news sunday anchor chris wallace, governor romney weighing in on the budget mess and life after the presidential election. peter doocy reports from washington. >>peter: it wasn't until eight or 9:00 on election night that mitt romney realized he would not be moving into the white house as america's 45th president. >> we were convinced we would win. we saw the polls were very close but we knew that energy and passion was with our voters and my heart said we would win. >> the former g.o.p. nominee believes incumbency and the popularity of obamacare propelled president obama to re-election and thinks lately the president has approached battles over sequestration and immigration by campaigning. >> wish i were there, it kill me not to be in the white house
2:08 pm
doing what needs to be done. the president is the leader of the nation, the president brings people together and does the deals and the trades and knocks the heads together and the president leads. i don't see that kind of leadership. >> romneys have 20 grandkids and fill their day with charity work and family time but the abrupt end to the campaign was difficult. >> i cried. when you pour that much of your life and energy and passion into manage and you are disappointed by the outcommit is sad. it is very hard. >> super storm sandy essentially stopped romney's campaign and he admits it impacted the aggressiveness on the trail because he does not fault new jersey governor chris christie for praising president obama's response days before the election. >> i'm not going to worry about how chris who was doing what he thought was best. i lost malices because of my campaign not because of anyone
2:09 pm
else. >> there he lost he says he still has ideas about how to help the g.o.p. in the future including figuring out a way to get the word out to minority voters that republican policies can make their lives better. >>heather: thank you, peter, from washington. >>gregg: fox is looking at the budget crisis in washington tonight, and john roberts anchors a special fox news reporting showdown on death row as it looks behind-the-scenes. here is a preview. >> speaker boehner is a great speaker. but he is too nice a guy. president obama comes and he is a street fighter. >> is that what this is a? a brawl? >> it already is. >> days after taunting republicans for caving on taxes obama now warns them, don't even test him on the debt ceiling. >> i am not going to have a monthly conversation about whether or not we pay our bills. >> behind closed doors, many
2:10 pm
republican leaders including those who are trying to stop the debt limit and dock lawmakers' pay unless the democratically controlled senate pass as budget which it hasn't done in nearly four years. >> that was just a gimmick. that is giving president obama a blank check for four months is inane as far as i'm concerned. >> a showdown on debt row tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern part of a special three hour prime timelineup going at 6:00 p.m. eastern with an exclusive interview on fox news sunday with former republican presidential nominee mitt romney followed by a special fox report and then john roberts, onlien the fox news channel. >>heather: a lot going on. a developing story from buckingham palace.
2:11 pm
queen elizabeth ii is in the hospital after suffering from what appears to be a stomach infection. the 86-year-old monarch has been feeling under the weather for a few days and all of her official engagements have been canceled including a trip to rome. >>gregg: we wish her well. reports of a major african terror leader with american blood on his hands is now dead. the african nation of chad reporting that it killed the international terrorist known as the one eyed terrorist. however, we cannot independently verify the report. this al qaeda linked terrorist is responsible for the january attack of the natural gas plant in nigeria which killed 36 phoneers including three americans. >>heather: he was reported as having been killed before but we will see. secretary of state, john kerry, wrapping up a second day of
2:12 pm
meetings in the egyptian capital . this morning, he sat down with the egyptian president morsi and unveiled the obama administration's plan to provide egypt millions of dollars in u.s. foreign aid. and now to jerusalem with more on this story. conor? >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in cairo during political and economic turmoil. egypt has been plagued by political infighting and violent protests and economic stagnation. he met with egyptian president morsi today delivering a warning that egypt needs to embrace both political and economic reforms after the meeting, announced that the united states would provide more than $200 million in aid to egypt because of cairo's promises to reform. the obama administration, however, is deeply concerned that the continuing instability
2:13 pm
in egypt will destabilize the entire middle east region but the situation in egypt will only get worse in the next few months as they boycott next month's election. some opposition groups protested john kerry's visit and refused to meet with him and believe the united states is too supportive of the ruling party, which opposition groups say is antidemocratic and islamic extremist. john kerry insisted that the united states doesn't want to pick winners and losers they just want egyptian politicians to work together to solve the country's many, many problems. >> the heads keep on coming as -- the hits keep on coming. folks in the middle west and great plains remember this from a few days ago. guess what? a wide-spread storm system packing heavy snow and high winds is bearing down and we are
2:14 pm
following that live. maria: yet another storm system taking aim at the center of the country. this time around, states like dakotas and parts of minnesota and iowa will be seeing the worst conditions from the storm system with up to 6" of forecast and gusts up to 20 and 30 miles per hour headed into the next several days. the storm system will be long lived across this area. it is already bringing in areas of light snow into minnesota and is very disorganized. can you see we have showers across minnesota and dakotas and further west across portions of the rockies but the next couple of days it will begin to intensify and target this area with a lot of heavy snow over 6" stretching across areas of north dakota, minnesota, northern parts of iowa. we do have the winter storm warnings in effect and the watch is in effect for the city of chicago because as we head into tuesday you could look at over
2:15 pm
6" of snow in that city and we are talking up to a foot of snow in some particular areas. this is one of our computer models, watch for an area of white which is 3", at least. the blue is where you could see 6 to 12" of snow and it heads to the mid-atlantic, so the state of west virginia, virginia, and maryland could have snow fall that accumulates but the track of the storm will be critical as we head into wednesday and also, into thursday, across portions of the mid-atlantic. washington, dc, philadelphia, you are in a snow deficit, so we do actually need some snow out here. richmond, virginia, the same for you, you have a snow deficit. we do actually need the snow across this region. otherwise, another big story across the southeast has been the very cold temperatures, another night with freeze warnings in effect. wide-spread across georgia and northern parts of the state of florida. >>gregg: it is sad when you
2:16 pm
have to wear a sweater in miami will. >>gregg: could this move north into washington, new york, and maine? maria: you are interested, it looks like we are okay in new york city and areas north but still a lot to watch with rain and snow mix in new york city. >>gregg: i don't want to make my wife get out with a some develop again. i got her a new shovel for christmas. maria: you mean she got you one? >>gregg: is there something wrong with that? okay...spaghetti? spaghetti is our floor director. >>heather:'s yahoo's top dog taking heat after ending working from home. some employees are not happy about that. brenda butler is talking about that motivation.
2:17 pm
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2:21 pm
>>heather: yahoo c.e.o. underfire for a decision not sitting well with employees. their days of working from home are over. what is behind the decision? we have our seen color business correspondent anchor of "bulls and bears." so, good decision or bad decision for yahoo? >> depends who you talk to. this is the 6th c.e.o. in six years and yahoo has a disasterful the annual revenues have decreased 30 percent in the last few years. it has had a lot of problems. traditionally, though, most of the workers telecommute. this c.e.o. comes in she had a baby, she paid to have a nursery next door, next to her office, and she says, okay, everyone, back to the office. now. she took two weeks off. but she was able to do that
2:22 pm
because she was able to build a nursery and the rest of the employees can't donna. >>heather: not everyone has the income she has. >> yahoo is a mess. part, that could be because of telecommuting because there were anonymous sources say you call and try to get a manager, you could not reach them. there was a lot of slacking off and they were abusing this policy so she comes from google. she is trying to bring the very successful policies from google to yahoo and one of them is you need to be in the office to foster creative and be face to face. some jobs you don't need that if you data entry at home there is accountability, you can see the report. if you are doing creative work it is hard to know if you are actually doing the work. >>heather: they are an internet company. so if any company should know how to temperature commute --
2:23 pm
should telecommute, it should be an internet company. >> you get food, which is a perk of google employees but that did not work. a down side people who telecommute is broad-based, 25 of american workers do some sort of telecommuting. yahoo could have a lot of people, the best headed to the exit because other places they can go to find better work/home flexibility. >> the number of companies allowing workers to do that has increased, as well, so is that a trend that will continue or we will see what happened at yahoo and they will reverse the decision? >> people will watch yahoo very carefully. again, some types of jobs are best suited to telecommuting. they can save a lot of infrastructure and structural cost for a company. some are not.
2:24 pm
you go great not being able to manager your workers to zero tolerance policy is very, very drastic. people will watch very carefully. >>heather: i am trying to figure out what job i can do where i can telecommute from a beach. >> that is good. >>heather: can you any out a way? >>gregg: i can do it! >> or we could put it on the green screen, put a beach behind you. >>heather: not the same thing. thank you, brenda. greg i will put on a shirt for the occasion. it will be fun. >>heather: you already have your shorts on. >>gregg: don't pan down, okay in i love this free food thing. like an all day buffet? at yahoo you get your dry cleaning done, your car tuned up, but you work a lot of hours.
2:25 pm
>> maybe six hours? >> you can catch brenda on "bulls & bears" every saturday only right here on fox. >>gregg: she actually comes to work. she doesn't skype from the beach. a new program helping our nation's returning war heroes find work at home an important program that helps veterans turn their military skill sets to years. we are streaming live from california. michelle? >> well, the agricultural industry in california has a program to help veterans secure much-needed jobs and the training soldiers have received can be applied to large amounts of agriculture-related years. a veteran was having trouble finding work until he came
2:26 pm
across a program called "ag warriors" connecting veterans with careers in agriculture. >> this was a blessing because i would still be unemployed. >> today he works for a company that installs irrigation system if farmers in central california. lopez is the right guy for the job. in afghanistan, he built similar systems while on tour of duty. lopez' boss is also a veteran. he is happy to help the fellow servicemen fine the work they are qualified to do. >> he has the ten asity and is trainable. >> there is a large network of employers looking to hire. >> any veteran in the united states looking for a job can contact us and we will connect them with the right people. >> if you do not have experience in agriculture, they say they can still help. for lopez he is honored to have
2:27 pm
served his company but is glad to be back on united states soil and providing for his family. this is their second year and the program wants do connect more veterans. if you are interested in the program check out the program on the internet. >>heather: coming up, washington, dc, playing the blame game over the latest budget crisis. can any politician remain unscathed or will public opinion turn against all of them? our political insiders up next. >> an earthquake hits china and destroys hundreds of homes. the latest on the devastation there.
2:28 pm
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2:31 pm
>> the bottom of the hour so the top of the news. an earthquake in southwest china
2:32 pm
causes hundreds of homes to collapse and injured 30. it is reported that 2,500 homes were damaged and 700 others were destroyed. mission accomplished. a privately built unmanned spacecraft successfully docking with the international space station to deliver supplies after serious mechanical trouble on friday. >> president obama and congress failing to reach a deal to avoid forced spending cuts. now the house speaker boehner said they better get on the same page because they are facing a possible government shut down by the end of the month. >> the house is going to move a continuing resolution next week to fund the government beyond march 27. i am hopeful we will not have to deal with a threat of a government shut down while we are dealing with the sequester at the same time.
2:33 pm
>>gregg: president obama is aping to a caucus of common sense on capitol hill. >> the majority of the american people agree with me in this approach including a majority of republicans. we need republicans in congress to catch up with their own party and the country on this. if they did so we could make a lot of progress. >> can they come to an agreement? that sounds odd because we are talking about washington. we will bring in our political insiders. john leboutillier, former republican congressman from new york, and pat caddell, palm -- former pollster for jimmy carter . doug schoen pollster for bill clinton. >> the president is talking about a balanced approach but it has to be seen in the context of the violence against women act which was put forward
2:34 pm
successfully last week by the democrats. when you add that in to the gay marriage issue in the supreme court, the voting rights and the fact that the budget is an issue that the democrats have a 20-point lead on, this is about evisceration of the republican party at a time when everyone is angry. >>gregg: if you can put it up, christine, the american voters are fed up obviously with high gas prices but the other stuff shows they are sick and tired of the deficit and they are not talking about the defense of women. too much government spending, gridlock inned with. >> if we put rising food prices in, that would be at the top because that is killing house wives and mothers and others. i disagree obama had a big week starting with the visit to the
2:35 pm
academy awards which is another matter. >>gregg: it was the $9,000 dress. >> the poll indicates and another poll shows the economy is folding and we have a dip and people are suffering and no one in washington is talking about it. i think the president won the week because the republicans in the shot term do not know how to do this. >>gregg: this poll is how does your family feel about the economy. it has taken a nose dive. >> you have had the personal income diving because of the taxes. food prices are up. gasoline is up 40 cents a gallon. that is the real world. no one talks about that. president obama overreached on the sequester.
2:36 pm
>>gregg: so you could argue against doug's thesis that he ate the republicans' lunch because 57 percent of americans think this is really the only way, the forced spending cuts, john. >> as the republican on this panel, we did get our lunch eaten and handed to us last week. the big picture here is that both parties, the political establishment is going down big time because of what is happening here. the american people are disgusted by the entire spectacle of this thing and the president in the short run will be more popular because he is a pleasant fellow and on television all the time. there is no single republican speaking. the mess juries that -- messengers are john mccain, a loser four years ago and now mitt romney is reappearing on
2:37 pm
fox, so we have losers speaking for republicans and the re-elected president but the biggest picture is republicans do thought stand for anything. their message is --. >> they stand for spending cuts and no tax increases. >> that is losing by 20 points because the republicans have no program for hope, for growth, for opportunity, for job creation, anything optimistic. they just lack it. >> the narrative they have, that is 9 other thing on this, i wish speaker boehner rather than leaving town, there is no message if you have watched the interview that he had today where he said anything like we are holding the line because people are suffering. there is no identification with what real people are going or feeling in this country and i am telling you this, the american people rightfully have had it with the political right. you saw what happened in italy where the party said "screw you"
2:38 pm
and that guy finished third. this in this country because the political class enriches itself in washington, dc and cannot get anything done or speak for ordinary people. >> many think they need term limits in washington, dc, to get rid of the career politicians. get rid of hacks. >> the people who have to vote term limits are those that give up their powers. it will not happen. >> now woodward is a hero to a great many republicans and conservatives calling out the president saying he is not telling the truth it was his idea, this sequester thing which now the president has called stupid and reckless, arguably making him the first president to refer to himself as stupid and reckless. >> this white house has engaged in political intimidation. they tried it as suggested with wood board and the sperling
2:39 pm
comments. pat advised the democrat whose ran for president and they are bullying everyone all the time. >> you are saying that obama is a bigger bully than rich nixon? >> i because the youngest person on nixon's enemy list and i can smell the game when it is happening. i think he is equal, maybe worse because he is so arrogant. >> nixon had a hostile media. >> the press conference was as embarrassing as anything in history. he said come help. you have good ideas you work for me and not one of those people had the guts to get up and say, mr. president, you did this, you did the sequester, right? woodward is right. here is my problem with woodward, i wish he would not waste time on sequester. how about benghazi. if you think the white house is pushing back opposite sequester
2:40 pm
wait until we get to what really happened in benghazi. >> we don't have answers on benghazi. >>gregg: got to take a quick break. the republican party is struggling to get the american people come to their side. insiders discuss what the party needs to do right now to revamp its image. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic.
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2:44 pm
>>heather: fresh off the trip to north korea, former nba star rodman encouraging president obama to call kim jong-un, the repressive dictator. officials in new orleans blaming a power failure for a loss of water pressure affecting treatment plants and opening the wave potentially for water contamination. >> the top dog sled race in the
2:45 pm
world, 1,000 mile journey through alaska wilderness, the dog sled race is getting underway in anchorage, alaska, today. >>gregg: new concerns for the future of the republican party as poll numbers show the majority of americans disagree with the direction they have set for the country. how do they town it around? we have john leboutillier, pat caddell and doug schoen. doug, you maintain that the president and democrats, i suppose, ate the g.o.p.'s lunch here and i have to admit, some of the poll numbers back you up. >> if you look at the range of issues we are facing, on issue after issue, the democrats have an overarching lead. >>gregg: democrats beat g.o.p. on these issues. >> look at middle class, health
2:46 pm
care, medicare, immigration, taxes, guns, across the board, and it is fair to say that the republican party has no narrative on the deficit. they have no real narrative on reducing spending. they are missing in action. >> here is what is not in the numbers. you are right and i agree, this is a republican problem. the president's rating, he is not reagan or nixon or clinton in the second term he is at 50:45 in the "wall street journal" poll and on the economy he is upside down 51 percent saying they disagree. what is not being done, the republicans think what is missing, some of the issues the people could care less. they care about the economy, what is happening in their lives
2:47 pm
and if the republicans can associate with that they could make some headway. >> they care about medicare and the "los angeles times" has an arm out today, paul ryan is going to reintroduce as part of the republican budget, the vouchers for everyone under 56 years old for medicare. that already has been proven to be a political loser. >> it is hari-kari. >> it was in the middle of a vigorous campaign and maybe it wasn't sold correctly. >> i call it insanity, the definition of which is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. it was proven in the campaign it didn't work. ryan did not add to the ticket and to go back to that when they are losing on medicare is a losing. >>gregg: he was demagogued with granny-over-the cliff ads. >> the republican for the
2:48 pm
republicans, they keep wanting to prescribe the pain medicine before we get the prescription. they have never made a case to the country about the moral necessity of getting a consensus in this country including among republicans that we have to do something about entitlements. >> or economic growth. >> what do republicans need to do? >> the last time things were this dire that i recall was the late 70's. pat was in the white house, it was dire for the country with him in the white house but for republicans, after watergate, republicans were really down, and, sure, reagan had not come along and one idea transformed the g.o.p. that was the kemp tax cut growth and we have accepted growing the economy with the tax cuts. that was just one congressman.
2:49 pm
the republicans need to seize on something like that. about only line, the republican party does not appear to stand for anything. they are not talking tax reform. they are not talking growth or job creation. >>gregg: gentleman, thank you. you can get more of these folks every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern, live, and they will be back here next sunday and you can follow them on twitter. >>heather: cutting spending and no new taxes is what i am hearing the republicans talk about. listen up, men, before you crack open that cold one. a recent study finding if you have a dear belly you are raising your risk of contracting a disease that women get. we have that next. dad, i'd put that down.
2:50 pm
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>>heather: a new reason for men to keep the waistline fit. osteoporosis is a disease that is most often associated with women can will affect men and that is directly linked to beer
2:54 pm
belly. >>gregg: i am not sure i buy that. we will put our question to dr. manny alvarez a member of our medical "a" team. >> beer belly story on a sunday afternoon is my asignment because i have a beer belly myself. this has nothing to do with beer, i clarify that. it means people like me, we have a big belly and a lot of fat around our waste. small study looked at 35 plane which in my opinion does not constitute a study but an opinion or an observation which is what we will say they looked the ratio of fat to muscle. you look at that, it puts you at risk for developing brittle bones. that is the key. as men get older we will not make any new muscle after the age of 45 so whatever you have by 45 or 50 is what you will have because your body will not
2:55 pm
allow it. if you substitute it with fat, bingo, you will have diabetes, heart disease, weak bones and your knees will hurt and you will keep the orthopedist doctors busy because of the fat. >> this is what you don't want to get. you don't want to get what i have. >>heather: it is associated with a lost things. ocean -- it is the issue of how much fan do you convert. losing weight, such as type two diabetes, high blood pressure, pain in your joints as we get older, men at 55, or you get to 60. if you lose 70 pounds, great, you will feel like a million bucks. a lot of the medical conditions that we talk about in general
2:56 pm
terms, they will go away. again, it has nothing to do with beer. i love beer and wine with moderation, but at the end of the day it is how you will be able to remove the fat as you get older because it will protect your muscles which will protect your >>gregg: i will not build muscle just as i am thinking about going to the gym. >> that is a different story, on monday. >>heather: you said you cannot build muscle after 45... >> that is true. there are enzymes in our body, the whole story as we get older will be the loss of muscles. it will not be osteoporosis, that is the secondary effect, but the future of longevity has a lot to do with what happens with our bodies because we stop making muscle as we get older and endisciples kick in and now there are weighs in the future of altering that and helping you
2:57 pm
create muscles when you are 65. >>gregg: i am not 65 yet but when i get to be 65. >>heather: so, back to the beer issue, though, when beer goes into your system, the carbohydrates turn to sugar so it is not good. >>guest: look, alcohol in general is wasted calories. we come up with a lot of stories especially around st. patrick's about the health benefit of beer, sure, it has a little protein and some good antioxidants, however, those are empty calories. can you not have chicken wings and 20 beers and expect to feel healthy. >>gregg: maybe red we wine.
2:58 pm
>>guest: now, that is my turf. that is it, the big one. >>heather: the answer is cut the fat. >>guest: cut the fat, don't turnout like me. >>heather: very nice to have you here on a sunday. >>gregg: that does it for us. chris wallace is next sitting down with ann romney and mitt romney. >>heather: we will see you back next weekend. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! some people will do anything to help eliminatlitter box odor. ♪ discover tidy cats pure nature. clping litter with natural cedar, pine, and corn.
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